Ruby and Grayson had their agency photoshoots for Daisy & Dukes today. We are lucky that we live so close to the agency and also the photographer so do not have to travel far. One mummy I met today had stayed overnight locally, just so she could get her twin boys’ head shots taken today. That’s dedication for you.

Typically this morning Grayson was charging away from me clutching my iPhone, after I told him he could not use it to watch YouTube, and he fell flat on his face on the patio. Ouch! One fat & grazed top lip, and a lot of blood later ……. Thank heavens for Photoshop.  We created the poor photographer extra work before we even arrived.

Grayson being Grayson was a typical two and a half year old boy at his shoot. He ran around the photographers garden, playing with all the toys, doing anything he could pretty much to avoid standing still. Poor Nicola had to resort to action shots of him whizzing along on a car, and bouncing on an inflatable rabbit! He did cooperate and stand still in perhaps two minute batches, so hopefully we will get some nice pictures of him. I have given up on feeling mortified and have realised he is simply being Grayson.  He has such a fun, crazy & super busy personality, it’s who he is. Let’s face it I’m pretty rubbish at doing one thing at a time, and also hate being told what to do so I cannot expect too much from him.

Ruby was by far the easier subject to photograph, she smiled, and worked the camera, with a few coo’s thrown in.  She had her teary moment though, which prompted a quick feed to cheer her up, resulting in some breastfeeding photos. Excited to see how these turn out, I am so happy to be able to breast feed her, I want to treasure the memories.

Now it’s the long two week (ish) wait to see the photos. Michelle at Daisy & Dukes will choose which images she wants to use of the children, she knows what the casting people like and are looking for. I know for sure I will love them all, after all they are of my babies. Time will tell if the casting agents love them too I guess.

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