Let the Pinteresting Commence

So I set myself a challenge a while back to ‘do’, ‘make’ or ‘achieve’ two of the zillions of things I pin on my Pinterest boards each week.  After all what is the point if they just sit on the boards and gather virtual dust?!

This morning I decided to brave it, in two ways.  One was to risk a Pinterest fail, and join the many who have fallen before me, and whom we have all laughed at when their pictures of their Pinterest failures have done the rounds on social media.  The other brave thing was to bake with Grayson, who probably has the attention span currently of a gnat!

But I have to start this challenge at some point and there was no time better than a free morning with no activities planned and a rather restless son.

The fact that I had bought some rather fabulous Halloween cookie cutters a few weeks back from a trip to TK Maxx – I adore TK Maxx by the way -made me think cookies were a good starting point.  Having pinned so many cookie recipes on my boards, which would I pick?  How would I choose?  Arrrrgh this challenge was proving harder than I first though, this is not the idea.  Pinning is supposed to make things easier, so you have all the lovely things you want to make handy in one place, where you can find them when you need them.

So I did a search in my pins for Cookies, and the first plain recipe that came up was one for Best Sugar Cookies.  This sounded promising.

Its a super simple recipe, allowing me to concentrate on endlessly telling Grayson to stop sucking his fingers, to take his head out of the mixing bowl, to not pick his nose, and to stop eating the sugar from the bowl by the spoonful ….. you get my drift, and if you are a mummy no doubt share my pain.
His first baking experience proved to be quite successful, he helped with everything and seemed to really enjoy himself.  The temptation to make a mess was just too great and he was soon covered in flour, partly my fault for pointing out it was like snow – what was I thinking?!

These are some of our finished cookies.  They turned out pretty good, and tasted great.  I think I’ll make another batch once he is in bed over the weekend.  That way I will be ‘allowed’ to roll the dough myself and make even and thin cookies, without having to wrestle him for the rolling pin whilst spreading flour everywhere.


Thanks Katrina for sharing the recipe on your blog http://www.inkatrinaskitchen.com, the recipe can be found here: http://www.inkatrinaskitchen.com/best-sugar-cookie-recipe-ever/ .




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