Heart Melting Mummy Music Moment 

So this morning on the ridiculously long journey to Pre school, don’t even get me started on the A1, Grayson was asking for music. So whilst sat going nowhere, I found Justin Fletcher’s (Mr Tumble to most of us) album on Spotify and popped it on. It was the cutest moment, Grayson transformed from sleepy, slightly cranky three year old, to bright, happy, excited singalong child! He sang his way through The Wheels on the Bus, Head Shoulders Knees & Toes and many more.  He was oh so happy. It made my heart smile. Music is truly amazing, the impact it has on our moods is incredible, it makes no difference how old we are. It’s truly powerful. So thank you Mr Tumble (not sure I thought I would ever be saying that ) for making our traffic jam super fun and smiley, and for uplifting our morning. Grayson went to school a happy boy and Ruby was full of smiles too. 

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