Blood Tests


So today Grayson had to go for more blood tests following our consultant visit a couple of weeks ago.  I never highlight the fact we are going for tests, just that we are going to the hospital where the big play room is.  He runs happily all the way from the carpark, pulling me along the corridors, pretty much running into everyone until we reach the Children Day Unit.  He knows the whole way, and typically, the hospital, like most, is like a rabbit warren.  He charges past the reception desk, saying ‘I’m here’ before dashing straight through to the huge play room that connects the Day Unit with the Children’s ward.  There the fun begins, he goes from toy to toy, not knowing what to do first.  I check us in at the desk and the play specialist follows me to find him amongst the toys so we can get the ‘magic’ cream on his hands ready for the blood tests.  Despite knowing this does not hurt, he always gets a bit tetchy about having the cream on his hands, and always tries just the once to rub it off.  The more I see his funny little ways, the more I wonder what are caused by perhaps a sensory disorder and what are just him being a pickle.  Cream on both hands successfully, Grayson continues to play.  He chats to everyone in the play room, even the fish!

Roll the clocks forward forty minutes and we are ready for the tests.  Grayson at this stage is bossing the lovely Play Specialist around, dragging her from place to place, demanding she joins in with his games. She is truly fabulous and he is at complete ease with her.  He happily goes into the side room with her and clambers onto her lap so he can get onto the iPad.  Technology in these situations is a lifesaver.  One arm draped around her back, cleverly caught by the Dr and iPad firmly clutched in the other he gets engrossed in whatever he is watching.  He has no clue whatsoever that enough blood has been taken for seven test bottles, or that a needle has gone into him.  He does not even flinch.


I am so grateful to the wonderful Paediatrics team at Lister, they are truly wonderful.  The care and compassion they show, even for something as mundane as a blood test is amazing.

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