Maternity Ward Nights

So I am trying, trying really hard to think kind thoughts, to send good wishes, to share calming vibes, but I just want to scream SHUT THE *^#+ UP. I feel so mean, so nasty, but so tired and in pain too. Plus my partner is not here talking in a loud normal level voice on the phone at 5am for the whole ward to hear. I can rein in my desire to scream at the labouring mummy, but omg, I am about to tell him to leave the ward, hang up or to bloody whisper.

Labour is different for everyone I one I know that, and having had two emergency sections I guess in a way I have escaped the labour pains, I get the excruciating c section pain afterwards and the sickness, so it’s not all good. But I like to think we are quiet and considerate, well at least my visitors are and I try to whimper quietly.

I adore our nhs I truly truly do, we are truly blessed to have it. I can not fault it, and I am being cared for beautifully. But in instances like this I am all for fundraising for sound proof rooms in every labour ward for the second the pain kicks in. Surely it makes life easier for everyone, the labouring mummy can be as noisy as she damn well likes, the partner can freak out, call the entire world, loose the ability to think, and the rest of us can sleep / not be terrified by what’s to come – which surely makes life easier for the midwives as we are hassling them less and therefore much calmer in our own pain.

Even typing this I feel mean, but it’s what everyone in my bay is thinking right now.

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