Let the clean eating commence


I have for a while now planned on getting Grayson eating clean, and also if possible the rest of us too.  I want him to be sugar free, additive free, preservative free, basically crap free.  I’m hopeful that this might help with his adhd, maybe I am overly hopeful but its worth a try.  Plus its healthier, and if I eat clean too and it makes me feel happier and healthier, then I might be able to find him less stressful.  Here’s hoping!

So every great (and probably failed) diet starts on a Monday right, so did ours.  Nigella I’m not, I’m not a great cook, I’m pretty rubbish in the kitchen to be fair, so this will be a learning curve for me, but one I hope I enjoy.  There already seems to be a lot of ‘hope’ resting on this diet change.

Today I decided to start with lunch.  I chose a few recipes over the weekend which the lovely Ocado man delivered all the ingredients for yesterday. Today’s choice was Carnival Curry and Sunshine Rice from the Ella’s Kitchen Easy Family Cookbook.  To be honest there was nothing remotely technical about making it.  I was pleasantly surprised and was snapping pics as I went with the plan of sharing them on here.  I suddenly realised how automatically I style my photos so they are social media ready.  I looked down at Ruby sitting on the kitchen floor scoffing the remains of a bag of crisps that she had helped herself too out of the pantry – she is clearly protesting this clean eating – and took a pic of her.  I looked down at Hallie screaming in her chair also in the Kitchen with us and took a pic of her too.  So here are my social media ready pics and my honest (harsh) reality pics.  There really is a social media life and then there is real life, right?!

The Instagramable Pics ….


The Reality Pics ….


All certainly was not calm in my kitchen.  Managed to distract Grayson with YouTube though so that helped a little.

Lunch was ready, and this is how Ruby rewarded me for slaving away making them a nice lunch


yes she rolled it around the table with her juice cup!  Grayson tucked in fortunately and ate most of his, BUT managed to spill over two full juice cups all over the table and the floor.

Can’t win them all I guess.  They are at Nanny’s for tea, whilst I take Hallie to the theatre, so over to her.  I’ll have another go tomorrow and see how that goes.

Any clean eating tips will be gratefully received as will quick, easy and tasty recipes.


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  1. Claudette says:

    It’s such a hard battle…I think I have the best eating habits in the house but I was mistaken that my family will simply want to copy me. The young teen has a job now so he has cash in pocket. After school they go to the 7-11 and pick up huge icky slurpies full of crap. The girl child, 10, doesn’t eat her well balanced, clean eating, whole food lunch, comes home and wants ice cream. I GIVE UP. Know why? Because I’m sick of my own voice policing their every move.

    All I can do is serve good meals and hope, one day, they’ll ‘get it’.

    My advice after so many years of parenting is to look at the big picture. It’s summer, they will have pop and ice cream and freezies and all the other junk, but if you continue to serve up decent meals, AND, have them help cook it or prepare it, sooner or later something will stick. This is very hard for me to do, but if I don’t follow my own advice I will lose it. 😛

    1. Mine are little ones, four, two and 3 months so hoping I can get them to eat better! But they already know the joys of sugar, sweets & snacks! Even today Grayson bounded out of Nursery clutching sweets that had been given out by a child having a birthday. How on earth do I say no to that?! I guess there are going to be sugar times, and that’s unavoidable. But if in the main I avoid it, and do not buy sugary things, or have them in house at least I limit the intake. He is bouncing off the walls all day everyday, so if it helps a teeny bit it’s worth it. I eat rubbish mostly on the go out of sheer exhaustion, so I need to sort my eating out too. It’s going to be hard to start with, hopefully not forever.

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