Caught in the act …..


This child drives me insane but makes me smile so much my heart could burst. He is so damn naughty and cheeky, but his determination will make him go far, when hopefully channeled in the right direction.

So for his ADHD / Sensory Processing Disorder I try to keep Grayson as sugar free as possible. We are as you know on our clean eating journey, I’ll post more about that later, and he is mostly taking to it quite well. He eats all the meals I prepare, and I have no naughty snacks in the house, just healthy ones.

So yesterday I go into the kitchen and find this …………

Like seriously, this one never misses a window of opportunity! There again neither did photo addict mummy, I grabbed my phone from the counter top and took a photo whilst telling him off and trying not to smile!

The hot chocolate powder is now safely in the bin, so no doubt he will sniff out something else today! I could pimp him out as a sniffer dog, he has an incredible sense of smell.

This mummying is relentless, I cannot turn your back for a second.

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