One Sick Sunday

Well let’s just say the last few days have been horrible, full of sickness, temperatures, tears, lack of sleep and a cancelled first birthday party. It’s been so unfair, I just wanted to be able to celebrate with Hallie and our family. Fortunately she seems to have (so far) been spared from the sickness. Today is my turn to get sick, it’s been a day of aching and sleep, ok and a little bit of trashy tv, luckily for me not too much sickness. Why oh why does it always start in the night though, it always seems so much worse being unwell when everyone else is sleeping.

Poor Ruby has been the poorliest, she actually passed out a couple of times on Friday, long before being sick. The doctors saw her immediately and said she thought she had another viral infection. Like seriously, when will this poor baby girl catch a break, it’s hearbreaking to see her so unwell all the time. She has slept most of the weekend, had lots of cuddles and fortunately today has started to eat. No Pre school again tomorrow though thanks to the 48 hour rule. I just want my happy baby girl back, I hate her being so unwell all the time.

Hoping for a nicer day tomorrow, that the children are feeling much better, and we can have an easy day off school. Although I have a feeling they will be climbing the walls after being in since Friday. Might have to go next door to the woods so they can burn off some steam and get some fresh air. Although listening to the wind howling through the bedroom window it could literally blow us over, not just blow away the germs!

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