Back to the Pin’s

Anyone else slightly Pinterest obsessed? I have boards for everything, literally everything. I love it, I can spend ages just flicking through and looking at absolute nonsense, totally distracted from what I was originally looking for.

So I made a promise to myself to try at least two things from my many Pinterest Boards each week. I have literally thousands of pins sitting on my boards and really what’s the point if I am not using them. And seeing as I am creating some order amongst the chaos in my life, it’s a good place to start.

So tomorrow will be Meal Plan Monday and I will be sharing tips I have found on Pinterest and will be hopefully able to get myself organised for the week ahead. It’s a short week as I am only here til Friday morning – did I mention I am off to India on Friday – yeah of course I did, just a few times 🙂 So I only need to make four days of plans but why not be kind to myself and start on an easy week. No point making it all harder than it needs to be.

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