Mummy Fail

The moment your eagerly awaited butterfly kit arrives. Only to find out that you get a voucher to order the damn caterpillars, they are not included and that they are now not available to be despatched until June because the world and his wife is now fed up with stockpiling toilet roll, buying all the flour for baking, queuing for B&Q and is now it seems raising butterflies! ⁣

Two very disappointed girls, and one sad little boy who of course ran off in a strop! ⁣

One very determined mummy who has now sourced some caterpillars and has ordered some from somewhere else. Who has also discovered she needs to feed them on nettles, of course I bloody do, couldn’t be a nice plant that I need to pick fresh daily for the fussy little things could it be, oh no, our caterpillars apparently only like nettles!!! Gloves at the ready! ⁣

The things we do for our children 🐛 🦋 💕⁣

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