F&*k It

They are finally asleep, I am yet to have dinner, and to be honest at this stage (2147) I cannot even be remotely bothered to make dinner now. I have come downstairs, looked around at the utter devastation from the day and have flopped on the sofa. All I want to do, quite honestly is cry, and / or sleep, not spend hours tidying and cleaning for it all to get destroyed again in a few hours.

It’s exhausting, I am on the hamster wheel endlessly going around and around. I am loving being with them during lockdown, please do not get me wrong, but the endless cycle of cleaning up and being entertainer with absolutely no respite is slowly taking its toll. Hats off to all the other single parents out there. It’s hard work. Three little ones and one with autism / adhd and this mama bear is in demand constantly. When will Amazon be delivering those eyes for the back of my head and another pair of hands? I must check my order status.

I can’t be alone, who else looks at the mess from the day that the kids have made and thinks for f&*k‘S sake, what do I do to deserve this? Right? Like seriously, it’s endless. I clean up as we go throughout the day, I truly do but we get to bedtime and I look around and it’s pure devastation. It’s soul destroying. I’m not even blaming the weather this week. My kids do this every week regardless of the weather.

They have this need to pull out every single toy, book, piece of paper in the house and stroon them around in seconds, like whirlwinds of destruction. No amounts of consequences, grumbles, telling off makes a damn bit of difference. They don’t do this for nanny, but they know she is stuck at home so the threat of her being on her way is a complete waste of time.

Last night whilst I was making dinner, and clearly not upstairs – why would I be, the kitchen is downstairs after all – the girls had decided for some horrible reason it would be a great idea / game / way to piss mummy off, to empty out every single item of clothing from their bedrooms drawers into a huge pile on the floor. Like why? What on Earth makes that fun for anyone. So I left it and this morning our nursery maths was number the drawers and Ruby had to put away the right clothes in the right drawer, well until she got bored and wandered off.

Anyone got some magical tips for turning the little monkeys into neat freaks?! Anyone ……….?

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