Best walk of Lockdown so far

This wonderful walk goes through the Woburn Estate, walking across the deer park and around the edge of the safari park. It’s an absolutely gorgeous walk, and I loved all seven miles of it. ⁣

We saw so many deer, geese, ducks, giraffe, zebra, buck, and wallaby’s. Beats the average glimpse of a fleeting squirrel in the woods we walk in daily! ⁣

Friday was so sunny too, so we had the perfect weather, although I suspect the walk will be gorgeous in all season. Cannot wait to do it again. ⁣

For those keen on walking this beautiful route, we parked in the free car park in Woburn Village, it’s very easy to find and is opposite the church on Park Street. Walk out of the car park and turn right, stay onto the side of the road you are already on and enter the park. Walk through the grounds, you come to some houses pass them, just keep going straight, at the end you till see water, we had a great view of geese and goslings with the deer the other side of the water here.

Walk along to the right, following the path, the look out for the yellow marker things. They cut across the middle of the grass slightly uphill

You pass these huge fallen tree logs before you turn up onto the yellow marked path.

I remember there were two lots of yellow markers after this, we took the once’s across the middle, some we’re further on,  and possibly were more on a path, but across the grass was fine, easy with buggy, not sure about the other way

You pass the house on your right, and also will cross over gravel tracks at times, the estate rangers are driving around. At all times we had views of deer (hopefully you will too, obviously can not guarantee them being cooperative though) so it’s beautiful.

There is a slight incline and basically you just carry on going straight on.

Eventually you come down to the road, and signs for Eversholt, which is a village you may have come into Woburn that way. The actual main road into Woburn goes through the estate. 

Cross over and look for the markers, you are now on the safari park side

It’s a bit more scrubland like on this side. Follow the yellow path though the middle. It heads slightly up and is quite long before you get to the park

You will eventually see fences and ahead go up towards them.  But stick to the path once up there as the rangers drive by and tell you to stay away from the fence. It’s the bears and wolves you are passing. 

When you are facing the fence, turn right and walk that way  along the path. It is open park to your right hand side and safari on right. We were fortunate to have more deer on our right hand side as we could not spot any bears and wolves.

Follow along and you will go through some woods, this goes downhill a little, think maybe you go left down into the woods. 

At the bottom you spot entrance to safari park, walk down to this, cross behind the big stone lions and across onto the path. 

The path goes alongside the park. It’s more of a grass path at this point. Follow it along, you will come to elephant house on right and giraffes on left.

I think at this point there is a stile, (forgot to say the first one is when you get onto this path from when you crossed into the safari park. You turn right onto the grass path)

Go through the stile and it leads down into woods eventually. It’s gorgeous, we had purple rhododendrons everywhere.  Keep going, passing wallaby’s on left hand side at some point. 

Eventually you come out at the road at the bottom. And out of the gates (at least I think there are gates) I seem to remember carrying Salsa over the deer grid. 

Turn left and it’s straight straight straight along until you get back to Woburn. You follow the wall of the estate on your left hand side.

Hoping I remember it all correctly enough and did not miss out any vital stages – to be fair it’s mostly marked with the yellow posts so you cannot go too far wrong. But I think it’s always nice to have any idea of what to look out for along the way, maybe it’s a girl thing!

I was so thankful for a robust double buggy that will hold three plus a tired chihuahua who needed a little rest!⁣ It was an second hand eBay purchase when Hallie was newborn as we were driving to France and the fancy pram would not fit in the car easily, and we didn’t want to trash it. Four years on and it’s the best £40 I ever spent! I just chuck it in the car, they all hop in and it’s robust enough for the woods, endless walks, I do not mind if it gets climbed on, muddy, scratched, it’s our go anywhere buggy. It also has plenty of space underneath for all the things you accumulate as a mummy on the move!

Salsa did amazingly she kept up and was full of energy, her little legs did so well. She only had a little rest towards the end, which delighted the girls who got to snuggle up with her.

I’m going to spend some time this afternoon planning another adventure for this coming week. Social distanced of course. No need for us to be on an over crowded beach or in a packed park. There is so much out there to be explored. Of course we can across other families on this walk, but everyone was so friendly and respectful, totally nailing social distancing. There really is no excuse, I have no idea why some people find it so challenging. ⁣

If you do get a chance to check out our Woburn walk do let us know, would love to hear how you enjoyed it. I’m going back in the hope of seeing the elephants next time. I ask think it will be just perfect in the autumn too.


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