Yay! They are finally here …..

Today was a good day, our caterpillars finally arrived. Not the expensive nettle eating ones …. they are yet to make an appearance, so they are not only fussy little eaters but they are also late, todays arrivals were our original out of stock Insect Lore caterpillars.

I was sneaking a quick bath, whilst Hallie napped & Grayson and Ruby were distracted with YouTube – yes I am that mummy who literally sneaks off so I can get a bath by myself! They usually find me and jump in, but sometimes just sometimes I manage a whole ten minutes alone. Anyway the door bell rang, of course it did, just when I had shampooed my hair. Thankfully our postman is fabulous and had left the parcels by the door, so when I peeped out the bathroom window – looking no doubt quite frightful – he just waved and pointed to the door. Grayson then of course comes dashing up the stairs having retrieved the parcels, excitedly thinking it’s the masks I have had made for us all. Shaking the box, which I can see contains the poor little caterpillars. Box rescued and popped on the bathroom windowsill, I somehow convince him that we need to wait for Hallie to wake up before we open the ‘masks’, send him back downstairs and manage another couple of minutes peace.

I daren’t actually wait for Hallie to wake up, she had only just stopped chatting, and had gone to sleep. I already felt like an anxious mummy that the caterpillars had been thrown about in the post and then the box had been excitedly shaken by a little boy excited to open his Hulk mask! Poor little things, what a start in life. So we decided to open the parcel whilst Hallie napped. Ruby is always excited for post, she was happy and keen to find out what was inside. Grayson it seems was only excited because he thought it was his mask! So he was a little grump to discover that actually there was no face mask – just five wriggly caterpillars. Thankfully, curiosity got the better of him and he had a good look. To be honest this was probably done more to antagonise Ruby by taking them off of her, than it was out of desire to see the caterpillars.

Despite it saying that they might be inactive for the first 48 hours – probably due to getting over their horrific bouncy start in life – ours were all wriggling and very much alive – so we are off to a good start.

They come in a jar with all the food in it that they need. So literally all we must do is watch them, keep them out of direct heat / drafts, avoid shaking them, and hope they all make/turn into (what is the correct term here?) chrysalis. At this stage we move them and the lid they are attached to (what happens if they are not on the lid?!) into the net. All sounds pretty simple, so fingers crossed we can do this!

I have not stopped watching them, I am a little caterpillar baby obsessed. I am way more into them than the kids! They are funny little things. I thought one had died, it seems he was just snoozing, as the moment one of the others fell onto him from the top of the cup, he soon moved 🙂

Hallie was super excited to see them when she got up, she was really curious and was peering at them, making for some funny photos.

I’ll try not to bore you with our caterpillar antics over the next couple of weeks, but I can’t promise!

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