Bare Foot Fun

So today is Day 1 of #30dayswild and it’s also #GoBareFootDay. So we marked the two occasions barefoot in the woods. The children had an absolute blast playing in a tree house kindly made by @teamtreehousewgc and happily ran around barefoot without a care in the world. ⁣

National Bare Foot Day is an American National Day, started up to create awareness of people not having shoes to wear. The idea is you go without shoes for a day and donate your old, but decent shoes to Soles4Souls who then distribute them to those in need across the world. Now obviously as we are in the UK we have given a money donation to Soles 4 Souls and will ensure that we collect a bag of shoes to donate to a homeless shelter here in the UK so we are still making a difference. ⁣

Someone once told me when I lived in South Africa and wanted so badly to make it all better, that I could not change the world – implying I should stop trying – maybe not, but I can make a difference and teach my children to as well. Every act of kindness, every donation, every creation of awareness makes a difference and if everyone just did their bit what a changed place the world would be.

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