Uncertainty and being organised

I hate what if’s and not knowing what’s going on it drives me crazy. And this year has been full of it on every possible level. It’s wearing a little thin now and I would love some certainty and some for sure’s to feature in the next few months. There are usually so many lovely things to be looking forward to at this time of year, trips to the pumpkin patch, fireworks, the countdown to Christmas, I love it. I even love the chaos that comes with the school PTA event organising. But this year it’s all a little muted. Whilst things are still happening, there are limited spaces and you have to book. There is no looking out and thinking it’s a beautiful Autumnal day, let’s go pick pumpkins today, like we usually would. No we have to pick a date and a time slot, and that’s already stressful as let’s face it most parents will admit getting your kids somewhere on time in a Covid safe way is chaos! Yet alone when they are all under six, one has adhd and you are trying to do it alone, it’s not often I dwell on that, but you know what it sucks at times. Plus what are the chances of it chucking it down on the day /time we have booked.

Moan over, I will of course be booking as the mummy & photo addict in me will not be able to handle missing out on the memory making and the joy these activities actually bring to us all. I just need to get into this new normal. I am happy with the masks and the distancing and all things hand washing and sanitiser, just hate having to be so rigid with plans – it’s just not me.

How are you finding it? I guess some people will love the organised feel of this new normal.

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