Hi, I’m Louise, mummy to Ruby, Grayson and our new addition Hallie and Fiancée to Dan.  Life is busy as a mummy, plus I am also a photographer.  It’s good fun, although sometimes, ok, often chaotic.

Mummy really is my favourite word, I love being a mummy, although the odd moment of ‘me’ time is cherished too.

We are always out and about and up to something, often with diary clashes as my friends will tell you!  I try my hardest to stay organised, but I’m human and it often goes wrong.  But I endeavour to keep us all amused and entertained, and we love exploring new places.  Having children has certainly not kept me in, if anything I am busier than ever.  But I would not change it for anything.

I like to think I am real and honest in my mummy journey.  Grayson is a little pickle – currently pouring his ice cream all over the table as I sit and type this!  I do not pretend to be the perfect parent, or to have little angels! I think as mummy’s we should share the good times and the bad and cheer each other on, otherwise it can be a lonely journey.